Anonymous asked: All of the questions, plz

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Have you ever: 
1) Self-harmed?
Yes, but i’ve never cut. i have 3rd degree burn scars on my left wrist though, which is why i always wear bracelets/hairbands.
2) Gotten into a real fight?
No not at all. No one has ever really hit me hard, and i’m really grateful for that.
3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed?
today i didn’t get out of bed till 8pm and i’m not even depressed right now. 
4) Tried to commit suicide?
5) Had to lie to everyone about how you felt?
6) Watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting?
sherlock season 1 (british version obviously)
7) Talked yourself out of serious trouble?
yeah, depending on your definition of serious. i’m strangely quick on my feet when it comes to that kind of thing.
8) Accused someone of using you?
well yes… but the accusation never resulted in anything. it doesn’t really matter cuz people use me all the time 
9) Shoplifted?
1 time i forgot my wallet in the hotel i was at with my family and i was at the drug store and i needed new eyebrow pencil so i stole one worth $1.
10) Gotten drunk/high?
11) Been to a concert where your favourite artist was playing?
12) Skipped doing homework to play a video game?
you’re asking a high school drop out.
Right now, are you: 
13) Suicidal?
14) Bored?
much yes very always
15) Avoiding someone?
…eh. kinda. not actively at the moment but yes i suppose.
16) Avoiding some task?
much yes very always (sleep being one i guess since it’s getting late and i stayed up all night last night)
17) Depressed?
actually no
18) Crying?
nope, you caught me on a good night
19) Annoyed with a friend?
hahahahahahaha. a little. nothing worth drama tho so whatever.
20) Worried and confused about something important to you?
much yes very always (especially important people who i miss… i get that late at night. all of you are in my mind and my heart each night…)
Do you: 
 21) Get depressed easily?
if i’m alone or in a stressful environment, definitely.
22) Get jealous/envious easily?
not so much jealous as just further dissatisfied with myself
23) Feel like listening to music can take your mind off things?
much yes very always literally like you never see me without my headphones around my neck
24) Worry about messing about your relationships a lot?
much yes very always (i just don’t want to be alone, but people often leave me that way so i get afraid)
25) Try hard in all your classes at school?
i tried hard enough that it fucked up my entire body. even when i hated them all i tried to keep up and do the work and fight the anxiety until i was in a hospital bed with heart/breathing problems and full body paralysis. so yeah, i tried hard.
26) Go out drinking?
no. i’m 18, so i can’t really. don’t have much desire.
27) Smoke cigarettes?
28) Smoke weed?
i have before, but no
29) Do any hard drugs?
30) If you said yes to 28 but no to 29, why?
not into that type of thing. smoked the weed at one point to help with sleep and stress but i don’t like it recreationally.
31) Believe in God/belong to a religion of your own free will?
I believe in God and accept Jesus as my savior, and the Spirit as his force in me. 
32) Avoid people you care about because you feel you will only hurt them?
only after they’ve turned me away and shoved my face in the ground, but that’s not all that rare.
33) Agree that self-harm numbs emotional pain?
…temporarily yeah, but it gets worse later. the problem is you hardly have a choice. but that’s not why i did it actually. 
34) Believe people deserve second chances?
36) Think things will get better?
know they will. don’t believe they will. but know they will all the same.
37) Feel afraid that you have done wrong and will eventually be punished?
i’m basically drowning in a giant pool of mingled guilt and denial all the time.
38) Judge people who think differently to you?
hell naw. i love people that think differently from me (within reason) cuz i learn so much from them.
Preference in boyfriend/girlfriend: 
39) Long hair or short hair?
medium-longish is my fav
40) Nice smile or nice abs?
it’s a tie
42) Shy or open?
43) Eyes or body?
eyes beat body but they’re both important
44) Religious or non-religious?
45) Caring or non-restricting of you?
definitely caring, but i don’t do overprotective anymore
47) Piercings or no piercings?
no piercings usually
48) Tattoos or no tattoos?
i like tats but if you look like a mob gangsta im not interested
49) Quiet stay-at-home type or party type?
AAAAAAAADVENTURE TIME!!!!!! then cuddles and a movie. 
50) Has friends you get along with or has parents you get along with?
I can win parents over most of the time, so friends i guess.
Would you: 
51) Drink alcohol until you were drunk?
probably. but it doens’t appeal to me as a habbit
52) Smoke weed?
if i haven’t slept in a week and nothing else works, yep
53) Smoke cigarettes?
54) Get even with someone who betrayed you?
i don’t have the strength or the confidence. its not how i was raised… i’m not that kind of fighter.
55) Forgive a boyfriend/girlfriend who deeply hurt you?
already have
56) Attempt to kill yourself if everything fails you?
no. i have this weird, fundamental barrier in my mind cuz i know that i don’t understand the terms of life and death in order to make that choice for myself. i couldn’t even if i wanted to.
57) Keep your faith no matter what?
i’ve lost my faith before.
58) Join a band as a part-time activity?
much yes very always
59) Feel sorry for someone who is being affected negatively from alcohol/drug abuse?
absolutely…. breaks my heart.
60) Stand up for your beliefs if someone goes against them?
if it’s important and worth it, always.
61) Go vegetarian for a month to see what it’s like?
sure. not the biggest meat fan anyway.
62) Fight someone who was harassing your friends/family?
i can’t. but i have people on call who can.
63) Edit photos of yourself before posting them online?
i do that a lot but it’s for fun usually. artsy stuff. otherwise no.
64) Put up with friends who constantly hated against something you believed in/supported?
I have done that. i hate being lonely so much that it’s hard leave them, you know?
66) Not like someone simply because your friend didn’t like them?
67) Lie to someone close to you because you don’t want them put up with your problems?
…no. i suck at bottling things up.
68) Starve yourself so you fit some certain clothes?
yep. but i get lazy with it so i only do it sometimes.
69) Get surgery on any part of you? If yes, then which part of you?
…no. no i wouldn’t.
70) Sleep naked?
yeah but usually no cuz other people wake me up.


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Holy shit, okay so this is hard to say because I don’t want 200 people going “what? you were going to? no you weren’t, you just want attention” but tonight I felt like shit, like utter shit and no one answered their phones and no one replied to my messages and just it got hard to be alone.. while scrolling down my feed I saw this and I just sat here for a good ten minutes deciding that.. you know what.. this is.. i can’t kill myself tonight.. so even if it doesn’t really go with your blog theme, I think you should really reblog it, because you could just save some messed up kid like me. Thank you, to the person I reblogged this off, you’ve saved my life and you don’t even know me. xxx if anyone ever wants to talk or some shit, and just no ones answering? well.. I have an askbox if you want it. I love you all pretties. xx


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